Google Data Studio is a reporting system where, in addition to Google’s services, data from many other systems can be collected on one interface.

Some numbers or a comprehensive report

Depending on who will be the user of the report, abstract content can be created that contains only the most important numbers and the most important trends.

Where necessary, detailed data rows can appear in a Google Data Studio report, combining data from even several ad systems in a graph.

Interactive dashboards using Google Data Studio

In general, the notions of report and dashboard are well separated in most people’s minds. In Google Data Studio, however, the two do not necessarily mean something different. It may happen that a document used for a dashboard is sometimes downloaded in the form of a static PDF report in order to archive, for example, the profitability of the company on a monthly basis.

pie chart, and the table and line chart that appears next to it already show filtering by the selected slice.

Select a row from a table, and all other elements on the page will show filtered, segmented data.

Not just for advertising systems

The source of data cannot only be a known advertising system. You can generate a report from Google Search Console data, Facebook business page statistics, or an XLS file uploaded to the interface.

And there is even more!

Perhaps one of the most exciting uses of the interface is to show correlations by combining these different data sources.

For example, we have already created a report where we looked at the TV/radio appearance data from the Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and XLS to determine which time band of which channel brought detectable activity to the website, which can also be used to optimize this type of media purchase.