Google Optimize 360 is the premium version of the well-known Google Optimize to run A/B tests and personalization tasks. As part of the Google Marketing Platform, it is responsible for collecting anonymous data from websites, which underpins the efficient operation of other Google products.

Free Google Optimize VS Google Optimize 360

We have summed up the most important differences between the free and premium version in the table below:

Continuous A/B testing = Successful website

According to some empirical values, only every 7th A/B test ends successfully, so in 6 cases, the test fails to decide which text, image, colour etc. modification will really benefit the website. This is why it is important that as many tests as possible can be run in parallel on as many subpages as possible.

Personalization, i.e. remarketing on our own interfaces

Many companies today use remarketing as a targeting opportunity through various ad networks. In this framework users may receive a customized ad that adapts to the interactions they have made or have not made on our website.

We can do a similar customization with Google Optimize’s personalization feature: we can customize our messages based on the user’s location, device parameters, or the actions on the website, so that all users see the same website with the content and in the version that contains the most useful and relevant information, offers and links for them.