Google Tag Manager 360 is a premium version of the well-known Google Tag Manage, tailored for the collaborations of larger teams. As part of the Google Marketing Platform, it is responsible for managing website tracking codes. It allows you to manage not only the measurement of Google Marketing Platform products, but also the codes of essentially all kinds of advertising and measurement platforms.

Free Google Tag Manager VS Google Tag Manager 360

We have summed up the most important differences between the free and premium version in the table below:

Team work without conflicts

In a Google Tag Manager container where multiple people are working, a problem may arise if a team member finishes the creation of new tracking codes while another team member is still working on another.

If up to 5 different modifications are in progress, this can be difficult to manage, as in the free version, up to 3 pending projects may exist at the same time in such a way that they go live independently of each other.

Large website – many zones that can be interpreted separately

If different suppliers are associated with different parts of our website, you may need to give limited access to certain parts of the site to insert tracking codes. Container zones help with this by allowing supplier-created containers to be inserted into the website’s own Google Tag Manager container, but only to certain parts of the website and only to operate tracking codes allowed by us.